More To Life Than Grumpies and Selfies


Samsung ImageLoggers like myself each receive new cameras as they roll them out. Yes, we keep them. I’ve covered this before, but I’m all for covering my ass over and over so that no one gets confused, lost or upset.

Two days ago, that meant the new Samsung NX Mini arrived on my doorstep and of course the first thing I did was take a selfie.

I’ll always be a fan of self portraits, but hate the word selfie. Sorry, but it is nails on the chalkboard for me when that word is said out loud.

Why am I telling you this as set up for Episode 134 of Managing the Gray? I guess because having that bit of background might help explain at least a couple of minutes of this podcast which covers all sorts of topics including religion, sexual preferences, social media and the random appearance of bad accents.

If you don’t like it when I ramble and share honest thoughts on a variety of topics, this is one to skip. If you enjoy some old fashion brain slurpees in your ears, hit play.

Links to stuff mentioned on the show

  • lucrecer

    Oh, my friend. I think your ramblings are the best. Also, I am very tempted to call you and leave a message where all I say is, “selfie. selfie. selfie!”


      You sure do know how to make me smile.

      • lucrecer

        Then I have done my job!

  • I wet my britches and almost ran my Honda off of Interstate 4 listening to this one, I was laughing so hard. And yes, I read these tags. 😉

    • *laugh* Glad someone did. I wondered if anyone did.

      Thanks for the smile.

      • I’m high-functioning autistic; I read EEEEVVERRRRYTHHIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNG.