Our First Family Road Trip Can Help Save Lives


Today we are picking up our rented RV and tomorrow morning we will set off on our family’s first true road trip.

We are driving from Boston to Arizona and you can follow along as we each post our images and thoughts along the way to ChapmanRoadTrip.com.

But, today is also the first day of Blogust 2014 and as a proud alumni of the campaign and as a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow, I’m excited to tell you about it.

​The theme this year is a virtual summer road trip celebrating a lifetime of firsts. Blogust writers will be posting ​​about “first​s​” ​- in their​ family and in their lives​ and why firsts matter to every family, every child.

For every comment and social media action recorded on this post (and each of the other blogger’s posts), Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need, up to 60,000 vaccines.

That means if you share, like, +1 or comment on this post, a child somewhere in the world will be given a vaccine so that they can have a chance of a lifetime of firsts.


Shot@Life does amazing work and I’m proud to do my part to help them raise more funds to vaccinate children.

Vaccines save lives and you can help make them happen simply by leaving a comment on this post.

I’m blessed to have been born in a country where it was easy to get my children vaccinated and because they’ve lived a healthy life we can go on our first road trip.

Blogust 2014

How about leaving a comment or using one of the buttons below to share this with others so that more children are given the chance to live a fun and fulfilling life.

Then, each day throughout the month visit the Blogust ’14 site and comment on the post of the day to help another child have a life of firsts.

Thank you!

  • Let’s hope one of them will someday be an Ebola vaccine. Yeesh.

  • Greg

    Safe travels.

  • Wishing you and your family a very safe and memorable trip. Enjoy!

  • Cathy McPhillips

    Safe travels, C.C.! Even the things we appreciate more than anything (family time, roadtrips, etc) pale in comparison to the critical importance of vaccinations and healthcare. Everyone deserves fun and happiness in their lives. Thanks for giving those kids at chance at it!

    • Very true. Kind of puts everything into perspective.

      Thank you for supporting this important campaign.

  • Happy road trip and happy Blogust! You rock C.C.!!!

    • You do too my friend. Hope we see each other soon!!

  • Elena Sonnino

    What fun!!! Cannot wait to follow along C.C.!

    • Thanks. We are really excited about it even though we have a million little things to do before we leave.

      Thank you very much for the comment!!!

  • Amanda Verdino

    Hope this helps a child in need!

  • Emily McKhann

    C.C. Your post is wonderful and I am so looking forward to following along! Safe travels, have a ton of fun, and Happy Blogust!!!!

    • Thanks for swinging by Emily. Always happy to work on such a meaningful campaign.

      See you soon I hope. We are LONG overdue for a hug.

  • Christian

    It’s been a long time since the U-Turn Cafe podcast days. 🙂 I miss those times.

    Have a nice roadtrip! What an awesome adventure!

    Greetings from Germany!

    • I miss them too my friend. Who knows when/if they ever might come back.

  • Susan

    Hi CC! Thanks for participating in this. We have been talking about doing the RV thing too someday. Is this the first time you have ever done it? I would love to see you blog about the good things and the bad things you find out about it!

    • Yup, our first time. Has always been something we thought about doing.
      Oh trust me that there will be PLENTY of stories from the road and plenty more when we get home.

  • Erik Proulx

    You’re always doing good C.C. Proud of you.

  • Name

    Pretty awesome C.C.!

  • Thank you CC and Walgreens!

    • All the credit belongs with Shot@Life and Walgreens. They’ve worked very hard the past several years to make this such a success.

      Thank you for supporting it with your comment.

  • gloriabell

    Have a happy & safe trip CC! What a wonderful way to make memories with your family. And thank you Walgreens!

    • It is going to be fun for sure. I’m blessed to be able to do this.

  • eFlirt Expert

    Love how involved you are with work that matters. Have such a blast on your road trip!

    • Life is too short NOT to be involved with things like this and it fuels my soul to deal with the times doing things that i don’t love *grin*

      Glad to hear your writing is going well. I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

      Love and hugs.

  • Brian Polensky

    Great thing you’re doing here CC

    • I’m not doing anything but sharing something I believe in.

      Other people are doing the hard work.

      • Brian Polensky

        Sharing is part of the work though. Getting the word out there. It’s much easier to sit back and be quiet.

      • Agreed

  • Safe travels. Thanks for always sharing amazing campaigns like this one.

    • Happy to do so. I only get involved in things I believe in and this one I certainly do.

  • Paul Shoemaker

    Road trips are the best – have a blast and make tons of memories! Been a fan since your early podcasting days and I really appreciate what you’re doing here. Go forth!

    • Thank you for the kind words.

      LOTS of memories is the goal 🙂

  • Lucilla

    Have fun C.C. and the Chapman Clan.

  • Michael Hodson

    What an amazing concept. So proud of you for leading the charge… again!

  • Jim Spoto

    Nice work CC – This is an easy win for everyone. And have an awesome trip with the family. Can’t wait to read up on your happenings.

    • Thank you roomie. Third year I’ve been involved and every year we help more kids which makes me happy.

  • annhandley

    Have a blast, Chapmans!! Instagram the heck out of it! XOXO. (This means you Emily!) 🙂

    • *laugh*

      You can count on that for damn sure!!!!

  • Jeannine

    So excited to live vicariously through your family adventure and follow along every step of the way.

    • And you know my camera is coming along for the ride so I can share as much of it as I see.

      Can’t wait to see you soon. MISS YOU!!!

  • mmc67

    I love this. Have fun on your roadtrip!!

    • Will do my best. Don’t know any other way to do it than to have fun 🙂

  • Fantastic! Let’s help some kids. Enjoy your road trip, C.C. I know you will! I’ll be with you guys in spirit! (and don’t forget you can contribute to PTV!)

  • gachap

    Have a great trip—although a trip west skipping Colorado is a downer in my book. …and watch out during all that time in Oklahoma, it’s very red there! (However, the Cowboy museum in OKC is worth a stop.)

    • Trust me that I’d rather go there than some of the places we are going, but can’t do it all in one trip. Just means we have to do another one!

      Thanks for the heads up on the cowboy museum. Looking it up now.

  • Krista Carnes

    safe travels, Chapman crew. Would love to see a playlist of your adventure soundtrack!

    • I’ve got roughly 7,000 songs on the ipad and we get a kick out of hitting shuffle and seeing what comes up.

  • ilinap

    I would love to take my boys on this sort of adventure. Enjoy!

  • debworks

    How very cool — traveling with your family and helping others along the way! Rock on CC

  • Karl

    The family roadtrip sounds like a fun adventure. Lots of great places to stop along the way. Have an awesome time.

    • Every day I seem to find ANOTHER place I’d love to stop. That is for sure.

  • Neil

    Great idea!

  • Amy Graff

    Love this! Wishing you safe and smooth travels.

    • Thank you!

      It was fun to see you and Karen together last week but it made me VERY envious! Miss you both.

  • amy mac

    An RV trip around the country is on our list to do as well. Have a safe, fun trip!

    • It is something we’ve always wanted to do. This is going to be a great test run!

  • urban_mermaid

    May your road trip be full of unexpected and wonderful adventures, C.C.! I look forward to all the updates. Thank you also Walgreens for the vaccinations – nice program!

  • Hey CC, That’s great that Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need for this comment.

  • Fantastic cause – hope this comment helps! Have a great safe trip, C.C., and thanks for all the good deeds that you do (not to mention your phenomenal Managing the Gray podcast).

    • Thank you for all the nice comments over the years. Like this one!!!

  • Julie Marsh

    Rented RV, cool! This trip is going to be a blast for your family. I’m looking forward to photos of the World’s Largest Ball of String.

    • Not sure if we are going to see that, but we’ve got lots of roadside attractions we are hoping to see.

  • Kudos to Walgreens for their involvement in a brilliant project. Enjoy your road trip CC!

    • Thanks. We just picked up the RV and now it feels real!

  • Erin Johnstone

    Love the donation of the vaccines! Just awesome! Here’s one more towards 60,000 vaccines.

  • DAD

    Have a GREAT time and let Emily know I will send her a picture of Roxie regularly.

  • Billy Burle

    The world needs more of you. Have a great trip!

  • Love this. Love you. Safe travels my friend!

    • Love you too big guy. Give that lovely wife of yours a hug for me please.
      I’ll wave as we go through your state.

  • I love road trips! Have a great time building memories.

    • Who doesn’t? 🙂

      This is going to be the longest one I’ve ever done and I’m psyched to do it with the family.

  • Chia-Lin Simmons

    CC This is great. Love road trips and love that you’re doing this thing with shots. I’m going to post using my new hashtag #1kindnessaday

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing. VERY much appreciated.

  • jnswanson

    CC and family, I love this trip. I wish it went further north, but I love this trip.

    • I wish so too. I’ll raise a glass of coffee on the way by.

  • Michelle Sullivan

    If a simple comment on a blog post means a child who needs on receives a vaccine, I’m in.

    • As simple as it gets isn’t it? THANK YOU!!!

  • Kristin Rapacki

    Have a great trip. Share some great photos!

    • You know me and you know I will 🙂

      Thank you for the comment.

  • Love everything about this. Not all who wander are lost my friend. Happy trails.

  • Michelle Sullivan

    p,s. It’s interesting that the “photographer” is participating in a campaign aimed at getting kids “shots”.
    Look forward to all the kinds of shots that will come out of this trip. Enjoy!

    • *laugh* Yeah, I giggle about that all the time.

  • Michelle Sullivan

    p.p.s. Because I couldn’t help thinking that a third kid really should get a vaccine …

  • Love that you guys are doing this! Have so much fun. We did a road trip to NC last weekend, and I actually loved being in the car with my fam for 6 hours. It’s important to take those breaks.

    • We’ve been eager for this all summer even though it means that when we get back it will be the end of summer!

  • jjklee

    Amazing campaign. Can’t believe adding my comment to your post can provide a child vaccine. Great stuff. You always DO GOOD.

    • Simple, easy and saves a life. Great combination.

  • Anything to get more kids vaccinated. Also, have fun!!!

    • You can be sure we’ll do that! Thanks for the comment!

  • Happy to help.

  • Enjoy your amazing trip!

    • I’m sure we will. I’ll wave when we pass under your state.

  • Jim Singer

    A terrific activity all around — good times while doing good.

  • CC… You’re the best! 🙂

  • Mignon Fogarty

    Hey, C.C. Have a great trip!

  • Brown Letua

    Have a great family trip. You and the other bloggers are awesome to help out in this campaign. Safe travels! God bless.

  • Jonathan Hutchinson

    Enjoy the trip. Such a great idea.

    • We are hoping to have a blast. I’m sure we will.

  • It’s humbling to think about how small the world has become, and how our lives touch so many others, even from across the world! Keep up the good work, C.C.!

    • I love that feeling.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  • Love what you’re doing, bravo! Have a safe, fun trip.

    • Thanks. Replying here and now hitting the road!

  • lucrecer

    This is wonderful, my friend! Safe travels!

  • Jennifer Burden @WorldMomsBlog

    Enjoy your road trip, CC!!

  • Have an awesome family adventure!!

  • Emily N

    What a great way to share with the blogging community AND share the love with children who need it! Thanks for writing for blogust and giving us all a chance to help too! 🙂

  • Great cause. Safe travels, my friend.

  • Phil Bowman

    Good stuff! have a great trip!

  • CC, I am so sorry that in the fray of daily life, I knew you were doing this road trip but not that it all was for this and that by commenting I could help. I’m sorry and I hope it’s not too late for my comment to help. SO inspired by you always, and even more so now. Thank you for doing something for you family and humanity at the same time. More people should be like you.

  • This is amazing in so many ways. Have a great trip!

  • Paul Farkas

    awsm stuff. rawk it!!

  • Danielle Smith

    C.C. – I have so enjoyed watching this journey for your family unfold… it looks like you are having an amazing time. From the card games while driving to the sweet breakfast this morning. Love that this is a first for all of you. Enjoy every second.

  • carolina

    this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Misfit

    Cheering you and your family on this epic roadtrip sir! Will be following your life changing journey 🙂

  • Maisie Smith

    CC… I love this! Glad to help

  • This is so cool! I love all the moving parts of this project. Hope you and yours have a ridiculously memorable adventure!

  • Keep the comments going! GG Chapman!

  • Felisa Hilbert

    Wonderful post and thank you for helping save children’s lives!

  • Adrian

    Welcome back! Blogust is a great way to raise money for Shot@Life. I think this is my third year of participating.

  • nataliegelman

    Yes! Happy trails 🙂 spreading good things. You’re the best CC!

  • A family road trip sounds excellent! And I love how you’ve tied that into this campaign. 🙂

    Blogust is an incredible event. I’m happy to support it by commenting here!

  • Pam Petty

    Thank you!

  • Lizzie

    Great post! Look forward to more!!

  • Samantha

    This is so amazing! Thanks for helping save lives!

  • Tom

    Excellent, great work!

  • Spacemanspiff

    great work!

  • Kat Mando

    awesome work. Thanks!

  • smew

    What an inspiring idea. Safe travels!

  • SanD

    A road trip with a cause – what an awesome memory making experience! Enjoy & Drive Safe (and if your RV is equipped with a blue ray / dvd player watch Robin Williams in the movie “RV” for ridiculous laughter.

  • Kristin


  • Laura

    Awesome read!

  • Judy

    Thank you Walgreens for helping children in need. <3

  • Katie Savage

    Yay Walgreens!

  • Nick

    Super cool!

  • Dray

    Safe travels!! Love the idea to like and comment to give a child a vaccine!! 🙂

  • Melissa A

    Safe travels!

  • Greg Campbell

    Safe travels and thank you!

  • Arlene Gardsbane

    Great idea! Kudos to Walgreens!

  • M C

    Yea Walgreens

  • lenny

    So very happy to be a part of this! Thanks Walgreens!!

  • Emma

    Thank you! Happy to support Blogust.

  • Emily N

    Hope you have fun and stay safe! Thanks for sharing your story for blogust!

  • Rosie babe

    Sounds like a great trip. Have fun. Look for the dinasauer tracks. Our grandson loved those.

  • Lisa L

    Thanks Walgreens!

  • alibeck42

    Thanks Walgreens!

  • Brittany V.

    This is amazing! Good job Walgreens!


    Way to go Walgreens!