What Happens Next You Have To See


Building something you believe in from the ground up is rarely an easy task.

A year ago, when I first heard the idea behind YSN and GO I couldn’t shake how right it felt. The months would roll by and I kept thinking about it and how it had all the components of something amazing.

There was a solid business model, a team of talented people and a clear goal of making the world a better place.

The past two days I’ve been in Washington, DC with some of our team. There were multiple conversations with really important people. We held a successful event and every single person in the room told us that what we are doing is vital.

But, right now we are at that point where I feel like we are pushing several snowballs up a hill. We are not quite at the summit, but we are just on the cusp of it.

All it takes is one of those to push over the top and we’ll be rolling. We’ll take the issue of youth unemployment and kick it square in the teeth.

We’ve all seen all the videos, news clips and stories that tease with “you won’t believe what happens next.”

What is rarely talked about is those scary moments before what happens next.

Those questions of doubt, stress and worry that none of it might work out.

The wondering of when a heartfelt “the world needs this” gets follows up with “and here is check to make that happen.”

I’ve come to understand that the single most important trait that an entrepreneur needs is faith that it is all going to work. That no matter how scary the bills, conversations and reality get that you have the faith that what you are building/starting/making happen will get to the point you need it to be in order to be successful.

If I’m being honest with you, right now is scary for me.

But, when I sent our new GO introduction video to my family and got a reply back from my father that simply read, “A wonderful program that NEEDS to succeed” it lit up that dark corner of my brain where doubt was trying to take over.

These are trying times for me and the whole team is working hard pushing forward. There is no doubt that what we are working on matters and will succeed. I have faith in what we are doing and where we are headed.

But, wait until you see what happens next…

  • “If I’m being honest with you, right now is scary for me.”

    I’m so glad you posted this.

    Faith is important. Belief in what you’re doing is important. But it’s a fool that can’t or won’t acknowledge how much fear goes into stuff like this. When you don’t know how bills will get paid, aren’t sure if you’re right about the direction you’re going, aren’t positive you have the support you need to succeed (and you do, because alone won’t cut it), fear is definitely part of it.

    It needs to be talked about and acknowledged, and being afraid needs to be okay. Yes, I have to keep moving forward. But my hands can shake while I do, and it doesn’t make me any less bold or entrepreneurial if I’m scared out of my wits sometimes.

    The trick of course is what you do with the fear. Some people will quit. Some will seek support and regroup. Some will blaze through it. None of them are wrong. They are individuals with independent needs and abilities.

    But fear is as much a component as growing a business as all the rah-rah shit that makes the motivational posters. And that’s okay.

    • I’m glad you said this because I agree with you completely.

      I personally can’t trust anyone that says they don’t have fear. It is a part of what makes us human.

      As you said, it is all about how you deal with it that matters, but it is part of the equation.

      Hell, I had fear hitting the publish button on this post because even for me it is more open, honest and naked than I usually am and I didn’t know if I wanted it out there, but it was important to me that it gets said because no one else was.

      I wake up every morning excited to attack the day. At some point fear creeps in. Sometimes it arrives screaming and yelling.

      Most days I can push it out of the way, but sometimes it wins.

      Thankfully I haven’t given up yet.

  • Not enough people are honest about fear. It can be very motivating. I know it has been for me!

    I can’t wait to see where overcoming your fears takes you. And YSN!!!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      I needed to write this because it seems every article, post or book I read on the subject is all pixie dust and double rainbows and the truth is much darker and stormier than that.

      I KNOW you can relate.