Rest In Peace Prince

Photo by Valerie Jardin.

Photo by Valerie Jardin.

There will be two songs played at my funeral. ‘Amazing Grace’ on the bagpipes and ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’ by Prince.

Thursday as I closed my lecture at the end of class, my inbox was in the background and the top email’s subject line read “Prince Dead at 57” and my first thought was “which Prince died?”

Opening the email, I blurted out “Oh shit, Prince is dead.”

The students all gave me a look and Dylan who happened to be in class with me after a college tour of Bentley instantly hugged me and asked if I was ok. I didn’t even know how to respond.

The first thought I had in my head was “I can’t believe it died. I can’t believe it happened in April.”

Prince has always been the artist who has had the biggest effect on my life. His music has been used to celebrate, grieve and motivate.

Very few days of my life did not involve one of his songs out of a speaker or in my head. It is just the way it has always been.

I’ve been writing this post in my head ever since I heard the news. I’ve been listening to almost nothing but his music. Watching videos, laughing, crying, showing my kids Purple Rain for the first time.

If you did not know how big of a fan I was, you were not that close of a friend.

My phone didn’t stop vibrating on Thursday as a slew of notes came in from Friends checking in to see how I was doing. While not as earth shattering as a family member passing, this death is one that won’t be out of my mind for a very long time and my friends knew this and checked in on me. I can’t begin to express how much that was needed and appreciated. I love you all for it.

You’ve got to understand that Prince has been my favorite musician since I understood what it was to be a fan of music.

Music was always playing in my house. The radio was rarely off. I grew up on a steady diet of all kinds of music and yet as a child of the Eighties, Prince grabbed me in a way that few could understand.

The first memory I have of Prince was the moment I saw the video for 1999 on MTV.

Getting cable was a big deal and I’d spend hours watching music videos. This new art form and being exposed to such a diverse variety of music was heaven for me.

I still laugh about opening up a 1999 cassette on Christmas morning and my parents informing me that they listened to it to make sure that it was ok for me. I remember this being a bit confusing because while I hadn’t heard the whole album yet, I was nine years old and knew there were some questionable things on it.

Looking back I’ve always wondered if they actually listened to it and we’re cool with me being exposed to the unknown, or if it was a fib told by parents. It was still wrapped, so I like to believe it was a combination of the two.

Two years later, my girlfriend would give me a cassette of Purple Rain for my birthday and my parents would give me a copy as well. Both copies would get plenty of play.

Shortly thereafter, my grandparents would be babysitting me and I’d plead with them to let me watch Purple Rain on HBO. I had no idea how awkward this would become, but I’m convinced this movie is what gave me my never ending love of black thigh high stockings and brunettes.

Being online ahead of most of the world, there was a special day when I learned about the world of trading Prince bootlegs. I wish I could recall how I discovered this, but these were the days of Usenet, Telnet and email being an extreme rarity.

Soon little brown packages would begin arriving from around the globe and day after day I’d send out two high quality Maxell tapes per bootleg I wanted. There was no money exchanged. It was all for the love of the music and hearing things I had never heard of before.

Again, my parents barely batted an eye. They asked me about them and I showed them.

One time I remember my dad jokingly walking into my room as I was listening to the latest arrival and him shaking his head with “where did I go wrong with this one?” in reaction to my love of Prince.

Dad, gave me lots of great music. Billy Joel, Van Halen, The Eagles, James Taylor and Harry Chapin all come from him spinning records as we fell asleep at night. But, he could never understand where my love of Prince came from.

If you are not aware, Prince played an aftershow almost every night after a concert. Hours after he completed a concert, he would play a show at a small club.

These were famous for long jam sessions, rare tracks and him at his finest. I still remember the first time I heard Small Club, 2nd Show That Night from The Netherlands and my world never being the same again.

There are so many memories of the man, his music and the way it injected itself as a core part of my life.

When Batman came out, everyone I knew was excited about it. I love movies too so that was part of my excitement, but I was more jazzed about the soundtrack. Prince was doing a movie soundtrack!! Are you kidding me? That is gold.

Or the time in college when I had to take the shuttle into Boston because I needed to buy the Symbol album the moment it came out. Without a car this was my only choice and there was no way I wasn’t buying it the second it came out. My roommates were confused and baffled. Thankfully I had headphones so I didn’t need to listen to them.

There were always waves of popularity with Prince. He’d have a song hit the charts and suddenly everyone liked him. I loved these moments because I loved people loving him even if it was only for a song that hit the charts.

I got shit my whole life for being a Prince fan. It didn’t matter. I knew what I loved and since when have I ever rarely cared what other people thought of me?.

The bootleg days were far behind me since I was listening to CDs and the blossoming new MP3 format that was starting to come out.

Over a conversation with someone from one of my classes at Bentley the topic of Prince came up and this kid was shocked to learn I was a fan.

This happened a lot. True Prince fans loved finding others like them. There was no secret handshake, but there was an instant connection.

Chris, opened my mind again to a whole new world of bootlegs. These were not just aftershow recordings, but unreleased tracks. Studio quality stuff that had been leaked from the vault. Whole albums that were never put up for sale, but were traded around by die hard fans.

I had found gold. Lots and lots of gold!!!

If you listened to my radio show in college, visited my room or came over for a party you were exposed to Prince. Few things made a party more interesting than throwing on P Control late in the night after many drinks. I can’t help but grin thinking about some of the things that went on when that was playing.

Thankfully I saw Prince live three times in my life.

First was at DOR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. A smallish venue and he tore the place up. Next, was front row at The Boston Garden. His guitar solo during a cover of Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love is still one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen.

The final time I saw prince was two years ago at Mohegan Sun.

I was SICK to the point of almost not going to the show. Laura had surprised me with tickets for my birthday and this is Prince, so unless I was on a stretcher I was going.

The lights went down and Janelle Monae came on stage. I had no idea she was the opening act and Laura didn’t know who she was. I was going nuts. Especially since Prince came out on stage for the opening song.

I had met Janelle the year before and instantly became a fan of her music. How could I not when it was obviously forged in the purple fire?

To give you an idea of how sick I was, as the lights came up at the end of the show I prayed to any gods listening that I would not be given a ticket to the aftershow because I didn’t know if I could survive that and if I was given one I certainly wouldn’t be able to pass it up.

Prince was an artist beyond art.

He was a man full of talent and whole lived life on his own terms.

How many men could pull off heels, fishnets and still make anyone bow down in amazement as he shredded the guitar or rocked the base.

I’ve had fun watching people share videos on social media that I’ve seen a million times. Part of it makes me sad that so many people did not realize how talented he was, but I’m glad that they are discovering it now at least.

How he died does not matter to me, but the fact that he is gone kills me.

The last celebrity death that had any real effect on me was when I heard on the radio that Kurt Cobain was gone. Strange that it happened as I was heading back to Bentley from work.

That hit me hard, but nothing like this.

With every death that happens I’ve often said in my head how I can’t imagine the day Prince dies because I know it is going to be horrible for me. I honestly thought I had many more years before that would happen, but none of have control over that.

The world lost one of its most creative last week.

There will be an endless list of tributes, posts and thoughts. I had to write mine because I had to get the words out of my head. I had to write something to remember a man who had such a big role in the man I am today.

You’ll never be able to appreciate how much he meant to me. How important his music is, was and ever shall be. I may not cloak myself in purple, but I sure am hurting inside right now.

I’ll always have his music. The world will hear more of it as the doors of his vault finally crack open at some future date.

It is impossible to explain how a stranger’s death can have such a devastating effect on me. Perhaps it is because he wasn’t a stranger to me even though I did not know him.

Rest in Peace Prince.

Thank you for all that you created.

Photo Credit: My talented friend Valerie Jardin who graciously gave me permission to use it for this post.

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Sketch of C.C. Chapman by Hey Instigator!There are many aspects OF who I am and what I do. Putting together THIS PAGE is one of my least favorite things to write because talking about myself is not my idea of a fun time.

When asked what I do my current answer is, “I create, teach and motivate people to do more good in the world.”

Of course, that doesn’t cover all that I work on professionally and personally, so that is why I created this page.

Official bios and headshots can be found below.

Who is C.C. Chapman? I’m a…


I’m constantly writing and always working on my next book. You may have read some of my published works including Amazing Things Will HappenContent Rules or 101 Steps to Making Video Like a Pro.

Freelance writing or citizen reporting assignments excite me.


If I had to choose a style, I’d say my photos are a mix of documentary, travel and lifestyle photography. While I may not enjoy taking head shots, I love to shoot faces. I rarely go anywhere without a camera in my hand and I’ve been fortunate to see my photos on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

I’m currently shooting with a Canon 80D, an iPhone 7+ and a Chroma 4k Drone.

My photos can be found on Instagram and Flickr.

Marketing Consultant

With over twenty years of marketing, online media and community building experience I have the skills and experience to help your organization no matter the size. Previous clients have included The Coca-Cola Company, American Eagle Outfitters, and HBO.

I focus on social good/impact marketing, content marketing, and brand strategy. My favorite clients are NGOs, nonprofits or brands looking to make a difference in the world.

Feel free to double check my credentials on LinkedIn.

Keynote Speaker

I’m happiest when on stage educating and inspiring an audience of any size, anywhere in the world.

I have spoken at everything from large international events, corporate retreats and at special gatherings of unique individuals. If you need someone who will inspire, educate and entertain your audience I’d love to chat.

Advocate & Volunteer

I believe in using my skills, time and voice to champion causes that are important to me. I’m especially interested in anything military, dogs or children focused.

I’m currently the President of the Board at Wediko, a member of the ONE Girls & Women Advisory Board, serve on the board of The Hockey Foundation and recently joined the No Kid Hungry Social Council.


Helping others learn and inspiring them to achieve their goals is the most fulfilling thing I do. As a Visting Instructor of Business and Management at Wheaton College and as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Communications at Bentley University I get to do this with the next generation. I’ve also developed and taught courses for LinkedIn, CreativeLive, and Treehouse.


On top of all that I’m a proud life long New Englander who was born and raised in New Hampshire, but now resides outside of Boston.

I married my high school sweetheart, have two amazing kids and love being a dad.

I’ve been online since 1989, began blogging in 2002 and podcasting in 2004.

Previous endeavors I created include Accident Hash, Passion Hit TV, Digital Dads and The Advance Guard.

Tattoos, travel and the outdoors turn me on. There are fewer things more perfect than a well-done cocktail, a delicious meal or live art of any sort. I love my GORUCK, Field Notes and am a proud Misfit.

To understand me is to understand that I try to live a purposeful life every day that is full of adventure, love and making the world around me a better place for all.

Official Bio

C.C. Chapman describes himself as a New England raised storyteller, explorer, and humanitarian. Others have described him as a thought leader in the online marketing space, a grounded futurist and one the nicest guy on the Internet. Over the years of his career, he has worked with a variety of clients including Nike, HBO, American Eagle Outfitters, ONE, Verizon FiOS and The Coca-Cola Company.

He is the co-author of the International bestseller Content Rules and is also the author of Amazing Things Will Happen. He travels the world speaking in front of audiences to do more in the world and how to understand content marketing better.  C.C. has taught classes for, CreativeLive and now as an adjunct professor at Bentley University (where he also graduated from).

C.C. is an advocate who speaks about building passionate communities and the strategic values of content-based marketing. He is a Samsung Imagelogger, the original ONE Dad and a UN Foundation Social Good Fellow. As a storyteller for hire, his work has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal.

C.C. is the past Chairman of the Board at Wediko and currently serves on the board of The Hockey Foundation. He happily lives in the woods outside of Boston with his loving family. Find out more at


Fun Bio

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more multi-faceted or enthusiastic creative/strategic partner in the marketing and content creation fields. This greatly hails from C.C.’s unstoppable combination of marketing experience and savvy (which a great many professionals claim to have), and incalculably valuable “on the ground” knowledge and insight as an influential content creator himself (which a great many professionals do not). The result is a best-of-both-worlds mashup of marketing expertise.

C.C. Chapman sports the pro cred to be a talker (working closely with such clients as American Eagle Outfitters, Coca-Cola, HBO and Warner Bros.), and the passion and gumption to be a doer (creating content for the emerging Online Dad market, marketing professionals, music fans and more). He’s helped create, manage and execute ambitious online and offline marketing campaigns for startups and multinationals — and has the invaluable good sense to know which outreach strategies work with audiences, and which ones fall flat.

He authoritatively speaks your language. He speaks your CMO’s language. Most important, he’s fluent in your market’s language. It’s a killer double-chocolate-and-peanut-butter combination. Contact C.C. to learn how he can help your organization achieve its business goals. There’s, even more, to know about C.C. Chapman if you want to read it — and you should. C.C.’s skills are an embarrassment of riches.


Head Shots

CC-Chapman-Cubelean     CC-AYASummit

CC Chapman Headshot Vertical    CC-armscrossed


I’m involved with a lot of organizations and clients. I believe in being completely transparent and open about everything I’m working on. I’ll do my best to keep this updated and of course, will clearly disclose relationships in any post that require them.

I am open to being pitched and invited on press trips.

Companies do send me items in the hopes that I will review it or share with my community. If you send me something it does not guarantee a review.

With that in mind, my mailing address is:

9 C Medway Road #117
Milford, MA

Current relationships include:

  • Verizon FiOS provides me with service in exchange for a monthly post on technology of my choosing


Affiliate links are used whenever they are available when linking to products of any sort.

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