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This looks like it has quite a bit of potential
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The virtual world of Kaneva resembles a 3D MySpace
The virtual world of Kaneva resembles a 3D MySpace

So, what is Kaneva? It’s essentially a 3D online world where your 2D Web presence is as important as your 3D avatar and crib. (I’ve added more details further down in an update to this post.) If you go create an account on the site, you will immediately be spammed by users wanting to trade “ravesâ€? (thumbs up) and be your friend. Like immediately. Friend them or not, as you like, but keep in mind that this is because of Kaneva’s unique closed beta that’s been running since January: at the moment, you can’t get into the 3D world until you earn enough points on the 2D site by getting raves and adding content, in the form of pictures, videos, blog posts, etc. This system is set to go away by the end of April or early May, by which time you should be able to hop right into the 3D world, so I’ll ignore that aspect of things and just take it for a closed beta that I haven’t been let into yet (and which I’ll have more to say about once I do get in).

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