Kaneva Is Blowing It

No sooner do I blog about people getting it in new media that I'm faced with someone NOT getting it. Kaneva is  very interesting mesh between 2-D social networking and 3D viritual worlds. It's brand new and I was psyched to try it out.

Today and I got an invitation to try out the virtual world aspect and jumped at it. Unlike many people though I read NDA's before signing them and there were two points in their that instantly made me quit and forget about the system all together.

- You must not represent or be employed by any company, publisher or distributor engaged in developing, publishing or distributing electronic video games and/or virtual worlds.

- You may not publicly discuss your status as a member of the World of Kaneva testing program.

The first one instantly cancels me out because of the work I do in Second Life with crayon.

The second one is just stupid. It's a SOCIAL network and thus your going to be talking to the people in world and on their site about being part of the program. If it's on the web. It's public. HELLO!!!

I really hope the people at Kaneva are watching for conversations about them on the web and can react to this. They have SO much potential, but they are cutting off the community that wants to help make them a success.

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