Slushy Yuck

We were suppose to wake up with a dumping of snow today, but instead it's rain, slush and whole bunch of yuck. Yesterday was a day in my life that I honestly stopped when I had a moment to look back and realized that things have indeed changed for me.

Where I

This is a picture of where I "presented" yesterday at lunch. It was truly a conversation about new media and unlike anything I've ever done before. I got to sit around a table and over chicken sandwiches and salad (I got to nibble a bit) with high level executives and just let them pick my brain on how new media is changing the world they work in. The best part was that they were all VERY into the changing scape, they knew what was going on and just had concerns about the right approaches. On top of all that they were from completely different industries so it made the questions and conversation very lively at times.

Of course my ego got stroked when I was called "a grounded futurist" which I'm the guy I'm adding to my bio because I liked it so much.

You'll be happy to know that these people realized there is a community out there. They are very cautious about reaching out to the community in the wrong manner, but they do want to interact with us which was great to hear. The trick is that we as the community need to be open with companies reaching out to us and when they do it wrong let them know it in a constructive manner. Flame wars don't solve anything.

This meeting gave me renewed hope that we are making a difference. We are moving in the right direction. We are making a difference.

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