Sitting and Thinking

It makes me really happy that over the past few days I've heard the phrase "I can tell from your photos and posts that family is very important to you." I don't try to make that apparent thus I'm glad that it does show through. Family is the most important thing in my wold and they come before anyone. Death is strange. Or I should say the surroundings of death are strange.

Great-Grampa Gillies Looks OnA week ago I was stressed as my grandmother was told her cancer was terminal and then days later I'm stressed about my grandfather. On the verge of the biggest project I've ever worked on where I should be celebrating the only thing I can think about is if my grandfather will hold on long enough for me to get back home and see him. I can't tell you the amount of stress that I kept in behind a stupid flight delay this time.

So, he has passed. I wasn't ready for him to be in the state he was when I got here. Some how I missed that it was so bad. But, I'm glad I got to get here and to help everyone deal with what was going on.

As we drove down to Boston yesterday to pick up my cousin flying in from Sweden I realized that we were going to be ones to tell him since he was in the air when it happened. That wasn't a good thought. But, it happens and we all move forward.

Now is the calm that happens. People are sad but the reality of it has to happen. Paperwork, logistics, phone calls all have to be taken care of. I have nothing to do with any of this so I have time on my hand.

The kids are at the park with my sisters who they don't get to see that often. Laura went back home to take care of some things and will be back tomorrow. I'm sitting at my in-laws with Roxie trying to figure out what I should be doing. I'm caught up on work e-mail, catching up on personal e-mail. Things seem under control for the most part.

The sun is out and shining. I think I'm going to go take Roxie for a long walk and just remember and think. Feels like the best thing to do.

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