The Road to Nowhere

Yesterday, I tried to get some work done but that just ended up pissing me off more then anything and I realized I'm not in the right state of mind to deal with things like that so I grabbed Roxie, my camera and hit the road for a little while. I honestly didn't know where I was going to go. I wanted to go hiking, but I knew the trails would be in horrible condition and me trudging on them would not help any. So I just jumped on Rt. 10 and headed north.

Along Route 10

I took a bunch of photos and will post more of them later, but this one that I took out of the sunroof of the truck while going 50 MPH really sums up the trip. I was gone a few hours without any clear objective. It was nice.

The sun was shining, the tunes blaring and it let me just not think about everything while at the same time thinking about the important things. Clearing the head is something that I don't think we do often enough. I mean TRUE clearing of it. I had no where to go, nothing I had to do and no point in where I was driving. I got to a point and thought, "well I guess I'll turn around now." It was a great afternoon indeed.

Captures My Mood

Sitting and Thinking