Back to the Grind

Monday morning and back to the work week. I may be living in an ocean of cardboard at the moment but I've got work to do! The only thing I haven't found that is bugging me is my headphones, but they will show up eventually. The New OfficeI took this picture of my "office" this morning. The room is much bigger and just off camera is a PILE of cardboard. One of Laura's friends is moving shortly so we saved the boxes for her. I also need to eventually unpack everything for the shelves and such, but there is no need for that yet so I didn't do it. I only needed to get the computer up and running to do work. The shelf is there mainly because Dad was down and it's easier to do it with two people.

I have to say that having movers was without a doubt the best decision we made. It's amazing how much of a difference they make.

Ok, so I am now on hour 3 of trying to write this blog post. It's been sitting here as I go from task to task and neglecting it. *grin*

People have asked for pictures, but honestly I'd rather wait until rooms are at least a little together before I start doing that. At the end of the day who really wants to see my mess? I don't like looking at it, and it is mine!

Laura is home this week and its the last week of summer for the kids. She is unpacking a bunch and I'll have to help out later, but I've got work I've got to get done today after being a little MIA at the end of last week.

I'm so out of the loop on everything that is happening. I'm scared to open up Bloglines and catch up on all my feeds. Maybe I'll wait and do that tonight on the couch where I can be uber comfy while doing it since I know it's going to take me a while to get through it all.

Ok, I'm finishing up this post and getting it out. I've got more on the mind that I wanted to dump, but that will have to wait till later.

Busy Thursday Morning

New House, New Morning