Busy Thursday Morning

It has been a crazy week around these parts. The kids are here and so is Laura. Makes it tough to keep telling the kids "daddy is working" but they are getting use to it. Yesterday I was on a 4+ hour conference call so I shut the door to my office. It wasn't suppose to be that long of a call so the kids started slipping notes under the door to make me smile. I couldn't get to them while on the call, but just seeing them slip through took care of the job!

We had open houses today at both of the kid's schools. I had never been in either of them so it was great to walk around and check them out. Dylan's got a cool two level reading room/media lab in the center of his classroom. I want one of those. Totally a great thing for the kids to have and he was psyched to see both the stacks of books (by author and by topic) and then the five computers there.

I'm also pumped because the Poland Springs delivery guy came by and set up the water cooler in my office. We were not sure where we were going to put it in the house but the office has the room and this will FINALLY force me to drink more water during the day which is something I need to do so I'm extremely happy indeed.

Afternoon on the phone ahead. I really need to find my other headphones because doing these long Skype calls with ear buds just isn't cutting it. They get uncomfortable after the first hour. :)

Off to Chicago in the morning for a weekend of real life Avatars. This is going to be fun for sure. Looking forward to presenting the Virtual Thirst case study and of course seeing some old friends and lots of people that I only know from within Second Life.

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