Sunny Thursday Morning

As I start typing this I'm also recording Accident Hash #222. Yes, I never stop multitasking. A song from Head in the Shed is cranking. Wow, how have I missed these guys. I'm going to have to introduce Dan to them because I know he'll dig them. I've been so busy that I haven't blogged much this week and that's bad for my mental sanity so here we are.

I'm excited about PodCamp NYC. I've had some pictures come in already of people playing on playground equipment which is awesome. I'm really hoping that people like Ariel Waldman, Steve Rubel, Robert Scoble and such will jump on this and send in some pictures. Would be a riot to have more pictures then I know what to do with. This is going to be a fun presentation I hope.

The TwitterMonster rolls on and it's fun to watch it shape. Last night it felt more like a time delayed chat room then anything else as there were full blown multi person conversations going on. This gets weird when your only getting one side of the conversation from time to time, but you adapt and figure it out.

Wow, this time flew by. Too many Firefox tabs and I forgot I hadn't finished this post. Just now getting back to finishing this up and I've got to run to Coffee With Crayon. I'm hoping today is a good day.

Even Apple is Taunting Me!

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