Glad This Week is Over

What a weird, sleep deprived, stressful and rewarding week. Nothing huge happened. Nothing huge went wrong. Just it felt like an off week the whole time and distractions seemed to be around every corner. I'm cranking the album "Throwing Copper" by +Live+ right now and getting filled with memories of college when Dan and I must have played this CD a million times both in the dorm room and on the radio. This weekend is the 11B Holiday Party and for the first time we are hosting it. We've never had a house big enough to have everyone over so when we moved it was one of the first things we realized we could do. 11B was the famous dorm room at Bentley where many friendships were born, games of pitch played and trouble caused. It was also to the birthplace of Random Foo Pictures. The nice thing is that none of the original inhabitants of 11B have left the area so every year we get together for a good meal, presents and good times with our families. It's a lot of fun as the kids get bigger and we get sillier. Hell, last year we played shooter checkers which didn't get nearly as out of hand as it could have! *grin*

This week I also went into Boston to attend the SNCR Awards Gala where Virtual Thirst was winning an award of excellence. I'm very proud of that project and am happy I was allowed to see it all the way through to the end. A lot of hard work went into that. It was great to go to this event to see some old friends and make new ones. Plus, before this came along I knew nothing about the organization and am looking forward to getting more involved in the future.

*laugh* I thought I posted this before going to bed last night, but I guess I didn't so here I am finishing it up on Saturday.

Today we got a notice that there are two showings of the old house. I ran over in time to shovel in front of the house and break up some of the ice that had formed. When I got back I worked on our drive way. You really realize how big of a drive way it is when you start shoveling it and breaking up the ice.

Laura finished the dining room last night. It looks great and we're excited to eat our first meal in there.

The rest of the day is cleaning mode on the whole house. With the holiday party tomorrow and the general slack lately we've got plenty to do. The kids did a great job on their rooms and the basement. I've got to crank later on the office. It's not horrible, but it's far from great either. I seem to have piles from the various trips and such. Hell, my bag from PodCamp Boston is still in a corner with some stuff in it. That shouldn't happen :)

All in all a productive weekend and getting myself centered to dive into next week.

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