Long Week

It has been a long, fun, tiring week for me. When you run your own business, any time away from the office (wherever that office might be) is time away from work and things don't pause while you are away. So in between every speech, meeting, etc I've been checking e-mail, writing documents, responding to requests and winning new business. This is why instead of sleeping in for the hour more I could of this morning and last I'm up and at them making sure everything is set and rolling along. It is.

Today is PodCamp Nashville. I'm not sure what to expect because already it is different then any PodCamp I've been to. One set list of speakers for the day. I hope that people still use the law of two feet and get out in the hallways to talk to other people and make their own mini sessions/conversations around topics they want to get answered.

I'm giving the opening keynote and I'm taking a play out of the Dave Slusher presentation play book with my approach. This is about talking WITH people not AT them and that is what I wanted to do. I'm looking forward to it.

Cass, Kimmie and I went down to Lynchburg yesterday to go to Jack Daniel's. We got there with one minute to spare before the last tour and then the gift shop was closed. It was very cool to see and do, but I would have felt a whole lot better about the trip if I had been able to buy a nice bottle of whiskey at the end of it to bring home. Felt a bit anti climatic with out that.

Have a Skype video chat set with Laura and the kids at home this morning. Dylan and Emily were jazzed about being able to do that the other night in Baltimore and even more excited that I'm going to be doing it here with my sisters. Should be a great Saturday for sure.

Kicking off PodCamp Nashville

Loveless Cafe Breakfast!!!