What Happened to My Week Off?

So I had this vision of taking next week off. Working on the book. Sort of bumming around and planning for the future. Having a little well deserved rest and relaxation. So much for that dream. It ain't going to happen. Already working on things for two new clients. Started last night and while it isn't taking over my weekend it is still on the mind.

Laura is covering someone's shift tonight at the hospital. Me and the kids are working on cleaning up the house today since the weather really wasn't that great. It has been great to see so much get done. We unpacked to a point and then just sort of stopped. I want to get rid of those final little things so I'm going room by room to get things done.

Pissed that I bought a frame to hang the art that was done for me at PodCamp Philly and when I went to hang it the hook on the back of the frame broke off. Grrr...It looks really good in a frame though! That much makes me very happy and it'll look nice on the wall in my office.

Just finished making some salsa. We stopped by the old house (anyone looking for a good deal on a single family house in Metro-West Boston? Close to EMC and Milford Regional Hospital!) and had so many tomatoes and peppers to pick that I had to make a batch. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow with football and beer. Isn't that the only way to test out salsa?

Also bought a very needed file cabinet for the office so that I can finally get the fax machine off the floor and start filing away some stuff. Not sure what else is needed in here. Taking it little by little as we need it. Isn't that the only way to do it.

Needless to say I'm busy, but happy. Very happy. The road ahead gets smoother and more beautiful every day.

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