Weekend Cramed In To 4 Hours

Like any other weekend we started off by putting together a list of things we wanted to get done over the whole weekend. Since the house went on the market last night we had an extra long list, but enough that could get done for sure without killing ourselves. Then at around 11 this morning we got a call saying that someone wanted to see the house at 3 and if that was ok? We certainly couldn't say no. Somehow we managed to get the whole list of things done in those 4 hours. Needless to say at the end we were WIPED!!!

But, we grabbed Roxie, jumped in the truck, hit the dump and then went to this little side of the road clam shack for some food and ice cream. Laura and I got so caught up in everything we were doing that we forgot to eat lunch. Found another great place to grab some scallops and hang out in the shade with the family. So well worth it.

Laura is now sleeping since she is working the overnight shift tonight for someone. So it is just me and the kids chilling. Zero motivation, but feeling VERY accomplished. Feels great to talk to the kids about the new house. We wanted to wait until after the home inspection and such. And I know there isn't any burial ground or anything like that. Got some good inside information so zero worries about the new house.

Beer. That is what I need. Frosty mug from the freezer full of beer. Oh yeah!

Happy Daddy Day

The New House