Weekend Sidetrack

Looks like any plans for this weekend may have been sidetracked because Laura woke up this morning feeling horrible. Damn stomach bug got her. Grrr.... Right now I'm on the couch with the laptop. Emily has decided that we are on a train ride. She made up tickets and everything so it's been fun. Dylan is playing the old school gameboy (yes he still does that with the Wii and PSP around) and riding the train with me.

Playful RoxieI had hoped to get some writing done this weekend. I need to hunker down and get cranking on that. I think that means getting out of the house, but that isn't happening for sure now. Maybe I'll pop in a DVD later for the kids and turn off the WiFi and hunker down in my office chair and get some progress. Was working on titles yesterday. That's a fun experiment.

Also really getting the itch to shoot photos. I want to fully understand my camera. Been listening to Tips From the Top Floor and learning a bunch. Of course listening to it only goes so far. I've got to put into practice what I'm hearing for it to make a difference. So that means shooting lots of photos and figuring out all the different settings.I really like this one I took of Roxie yesterday. Yes, that is the most snow we've had this year!

It's sunny out, but there is massive wind and it's cold. Hmm....some running around outside is definitely in the cards. Great way to wipe out the kids. *grin*

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