Korn & Special K Making My Morning Possible

I was feeling "off" yesterday so I skipped dinner and woke up ravished this morning. That might have been the reason why this new Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal tasted like the second coming of breakfast. I thought the idea of it was genius and the commercial that went with it really sold it in a unique manner so when I was shopping the other day I bought some to try. Good stuff. Based on what I'm seeing on Twitter and blogs it looks like everyone is either there or on their way to Austin right now for SxSW. It's going to be fun to watch the Flickr stream as the pictures start coming out. More then anything I'm looking forward to the podcasts that Julien and Ewan are going to produce. Just those two whirlwinds of personality connecting alone will make for a good content!

Photogamer Challenge #4 just came out so of course my mind starts thinking about what I can take photos of. Maybe that will be part of the random fun me and the kids have this weekend. With Laura jumping a plane to Las Vegas tomorrow I've got to do something to keep them busy. :) Thankfully the weather is suppose to be nice this weekend so we can get outside finally. It's just been too bitterly cold with no snow to enjoy so thus no point in taking them out.

I'm listening to Korn: Unplugged right now. It's downright amazing stuff. I also just got the new Sevendust CD which I'm looking forward to cranking. You don't need coffee when you've got that voice yelling. They are one of the few bands that I'll buy pretty much anything they put out. Something about the vibe of the music is always a good fit for my brain. Go figure.

The morning sun is rising. I know it's cold out there but it's still a thing of beauty from my window at the moment.

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