Morning Surf & Brain Slurpees

Long time readers know that every so often the brain gets a little full of tiny things and there is nothing like a bulleted list of a blog post to clean some of those out. This is one of those mornings.

  • How I feelI got my new Sanyo HD2 in the mail yesterday, but the MP4 formatted files don't seem to want to open in any editing software I've got on the computer. I can view them in QuickTime, but can't seem to edit them in anything. That doesn't make me happy.
  • I'll admit that I'm completely addicted to Yes But No But Yes. I first heard about this site several months ago and it took me a little while to get addicted, but I am warning you that it will happen if you read for more then a week.
  • I really need to finish up / start my presentation for PodCampNYC this weekend.
  • I have two "assignments" involving photography while I am in New York. I can't even begin to express how happy and scared that makes me all at once. Only one has me a little nervous, but that's just the way I am. I'll get over it the minute I take the first snap.
  • Twitter is this strange mix of distraction, conversation and mad clown circus.
  • Getting close to a huge milestone for a project at crayon. I can't wait for it to be public as it seems I've been working on it for quite some time and it'll be great to get it out the door. I'm excited.
  • crayonCast this last week was a lot of fun. I'm not big on April Fools but it was a good time.
  • Really happy that I recorded a new U-Turn Cafe yesterday. All acoustic music from The Shakes recorded specifically for the show by them. Damn cool guys and a great manager. You can listen here.
  • I'm working on a new project with Julien that has me very happy. I love being able to help someone out that I truly believe in and who "gets it." I can't express how refreshing that is to me.
  • PodCamp Europe was announced yesterday. It's taking place in Stockholm, Sweden which is someplace I'd love to visit someday, but not this time around.
  • Did I mention that I got invited to speak in Istanbul? There are so many places and cultures in this world that I have not interacted with so this was a great opportunity. But, the timing is all wrong and can't happen which is too bad. I wrote back to the organizers telling them to please keep me in mind for future speaking engagements. Istanbul? How cool would that be!
  • Last night I booked my hotel for this years PME. I've been asked to be on a panel discussion again so I took care of the hotel before it got booked and I forgot about it. Always a good time and I'm already craving an In N Out burger. Mmmmmmm good.
  • Damn I need a haircut in a BIG way.
  • I went through and separated all my receipts last night for my trip to the accountant tomorrow. I have NO idea how that is going to go. So many variables and so much change in the last year that I don't even have a guestimate of what might end up happening.
  • It's still gray and rainy here and it's not helping my mood one bit. Motivation isn't very fluid right now. More like lumpy gravy trying to go uphill to be completely honest with ya.

I think those are my thoughts. I think those are the things I've been meaning to drop and get out of my head. If not, well I feel better for doing it anyways.

Do you ever feel like a puppet? I don't mean in the crazy way that someone is controlling you. Maybe the analogy of a teddy bear in a room full of sleepy little girls who all want the bear. What happens? The bear gets tugged on from all directions and not really loved by any of them because they all end up with an arm, a leg or maybe just an ear laying on the floor. I'm not saying I feel that way. I'm just saying.

Who knows....maybe I shouldn't blog before coffee! *laugh* Go give my boy Clarence some love and subscribe to his podcast. His truth always cheers me up. Dude, talk to me about Kool-Aid and white bread. I need to know the details so I do it right.

Now I'm smiling!

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