Brain Slurpees & Ass Hattery

Two great terms to get the morning going. Heard the second one yesterday in an IM from a friend and had to stop and really digest how great of a term it was. A LOT on my mind this morning. Way to much for this hour of the day and most of which I'm not going to go into detail because it's a mish mash marinade of project ideas, decisions, book snippets, photos, videos, planning and a bunch of other random parts that I don't even know what they are.

Tomorrow I'm taking a quick trip to NYC for the day. Early morning train in, lunch presentation, early evening train back out. I'm not sure, but I might be completely free for an early dinner but I still don't know yet. Would be great to hook up with someone(s) for a meal before I have to head home. I purposely booked a later train in the hopes of seeing some people while there. Any good dinner spots around the Penn Station area? I don't know squat about NYC yet.

Recording a SongI took this picture of Emily last night when she was recording a song that she wanted to sing. It amazes me how much creative talent she has. Dylan is currently the logical, math driven, let's build with legos type of kid. Emily is very much the imagination factory where everything is drawing, making shapes, art and music. Both of them are so much alike and on different paths at the same time. Can you tell I love being a parent?

One thing I'm looking forward to is the train ride tomorrow. I love taking the train as it gives me uninterrupted think time. I'm hoping to spend some of it working on the book as it's been neglected as of late and I miss it. Plus it needs a lot of work. Not having a deadline is huge, but still I want to stay motivated. It feels good.

Well, this post has helped me. This is how I use to blog long ago. I'd get to the computer and just drop out my thoughts for the morning. It always felt good to rattle the brain a bit with that first cup of coffee and get things going. It hasn't focused my motivation like I hoped it would this morning, but it has allowed me to wake up a bit.

Time for that second cup.

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Quite Possibly My Favorite Picture of All Time