Day 1 of Year 35

I've thrown around the term "new media nomad" once or twice and I said it as a joke one day to highlight the point that it really doesn't matter where you physically work these days because thanks to technology you can be pretty much anywhere and still be productive. Morning Coffee on the AcelaRight now I'm riding the Acela train from Boston to New York City for a day of meetings. I could have done this via Skype, but wanted to get into the city for the day and do this face-to-face. But, thanks to my laptop and a mobile broadband card I'm fully connected and productive. Of course, it is too early and I haven't woken up fully yet so I'm going through my morning surf at the moment and then will dive into work after the first cup of coffee.

Yesterday was a great birthday. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes through all the different channels. It was quite amazing and fun to have new messages from people throughout the day and night.

Dinner with the family was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Dylan got me a game for the Wii (can't blame the kid for getting excited over having the perfect excuse to buy a video game) and Emily got me a cake decorating kit. For those who don't know I love making cakes for the kids on their birthdays and I guess Emily saw this on TV and told Laura that she "had to get it for Daddy's birthday." Gotta love that my kids know me so well. Laura got me an Annie Leibovitz book that I've wanted since it first came out and I had an inspiring time just flipping through it and absorbing all the pictures. Reminded me that I think one of my resolutions is going to be to challenge myself with my camera more in the coming year.

Today is all about forward thinking. About what the year ahead might hold and what we want it to be. You know I don't like looking back except to learn from mistakes and thus today will be a good day. It'll be a long day since I'm catching the train back tonight, but it will be worth every moment.

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