One Laptop Per Child - First Thoughts

I got home late last night from NYC and saw it sitting on the counter. A box that I knew contained my part of the Give One Get One promotion from One Laptop Per Child. My One LaptopI had heard that people were having some trouble connecting it to wireless networks so a few minutes ago I gave it a try. It saw all the networks around the house, showed me which ones were locked and then let me pick which one to connect to. Mine is open at the moment (long story) so it connected no problem and I instantly went to this site and bam there it was.

I'm really impressed by the screen. Much better then I imagined. Clear and crisp.

I love being able to flip it into a tablet mode, but you instantly want it to be a touch screen then.

What I'm most excited for is people to begin hacking these. To develop applications for them. To take them to the next level and make them better then they are right now. I'm going to keep a close eye on the OLPC Community Support area to see what comes around.

Of course I'm most excited that they allowed this to happen. I love donating and helping and in this case I was more then happy to pay more in order to have one to play with myself. I can totally see how kids would take to this and enjoy it and have fun learning with them. I'm scared to show my kids because I might never see it again. *grin*

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