Another Year Walking the Earth

I honestly forget how old I am sometimes. I think you get to a point where it is not as big of a deal anymore. Sure, every ten years is a big milestone, but in between does it really matter? It doesn't a whole lot to me. But, what birthdays always do is cause me to stop and look back at the last 12 months. Having a birthday in December makes this extra easy and reflective.

34 YearsThis past year held a lot of new things for me. I've met amazing new people every day. I've spoken to people who tell me my passion and enthusiasm inspires them. I've moved into the house that I hope I never move out of. I've watched my kids grow and mature faster then I ever imagined. I've had a lot of change. A lot of turmoil. A lot of success.

But, I am never one to settle for what is good right now. I always want to push forward and make the next day, week and year better then the last so I'm looking to do a lot of things in 2008.

I'm most excited to really dig in and make The Advance Guard the company that Steve and I want it to be. I know that neither of us had it in our plans for last year and it just sort of dropped on us out of the sky so now it is time to fly it on a straight course and I'm going to focus more of my energy in that direction then anything else.

And I'm committing to myself to make some changes that I keep talking about but never execute on. I'm sick of that. Time to dial it in and crank it.

My first real social media birthday and so far it's been a lot of fun. Twitters all over the place. Facebook wall writing. MP3 files of people singing. Heck, I even just had a mystery caller on my cell phone singing me from outside his office. You guys are nuts! :)

For birthday celebrations tonight we are going out to one of my favorite local restaurants for a nice quiet dinner and then presents at home. Nice, simple and casual. Not even doing a cake for logistical reasons. We'll do that this weekend when my parents and sisters are down.

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