Do Snowmen Get Stressed?

In the last weeks of the year the stress level around me seems to raise. With everyone running around making holiday plans, shopping and then add in good old New England weather and people get stressed. This year has been no difference. I see it everywhere I go online and off line. People have a lot on their mind and once and a while lose it.

Post Storm Snowman

I like this snow man picture I took the other day after the storm. You can't tell, but his whole bottom is under snow. Just like the little snow man lights we have lining the walk way. They are completely buried. I guess they are all stressed as well huh?

I recorded Accident Hash #252 this morning which felt good. It certainly got rid of some of the stress I personally had. I usually can keep things in check but over the weekend we got an e-mail from our real estate agent notifying us that they had taken down the For Sale sign and lock boxes because our contract was up. Still not sure how to react to that. So I've been using HomeGain for the last few days looking for a new agent. Yes, it is a horrible market and the worse time of the year to sell a house, but that doesn't mean I want it off the market.

Besides that things are good and I can't complain. I'm surrounded by a loving family and this weekend my parents and sisters will be down. It will be the first time having them all over to the house with me here. Last time they were down was PodCamp Boston 2 weekend so I obviously wasn't there.

Stress is a weird and strange concept. Sometimes I thrive with it. Sometimes I just cope with it. At the moment I'm somewhere in the middle.

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