Change in Routines

Do you ever notice how one change in the routine can throw everything off? Right now I'm dealing with that as Laura is away at a conference and thus it is just me and the kids. That's cool and we do great of course, but it is just different without Laura in the house. Little things are when it get noticed and even Emily mentioned it last night when she said "I'm use to you being gone, but not Mommy." Falling HappinessI went to NYC on Saturday to check out PodCamp NYC 2. VERY different vibe then last year and I say that in a positive way. It felt more like a back to basics PodCamp. Not sure if it was the educational location that helped this or not, but it wasn't nearly as chaotic as last year felt. I saw and met a lot of new people. People just getting started. People filled with ideas, worries and passion to take things to the next level. Sure, I saw a lot of old friends as well, but you know I love connecting with new people and getting to know them.

This was the first PodCamp for our client mDialog and I'm really glad they came and were part of it all. I know they had a good time and got to meet a lot of people. I really wanted to get them in front of this community. To talk with them, answer their questions and find out what they are looking for in a service like them.

Don't forget that if you filmed any video at the event, consider signing up for a free account and contributing it to the PodCamp NYC Channel. Everyone that does gets a free 6 month upgrade on their account as a little thank you for trying out the service.

I was taking pictures as usual. My set is here if you are looking for some. The shot shown here is one of my favorite of the weekend.

A personal highlight for me was as I sat at JFK I saw a Twitter from Gregory Ng that he too was waiting and it turns out we were even in the same gate.  We sat down and chatted a bit and turns out we have a lot in common. I'm hoping to reconnect with him when I'm not so fried from such a long day. I hadn't had a chance Twitter encounter like this before so it certainly made me smile.

Like I said the routine is off this morning. I did hit the treadmill and actually did a load of wash before the first cup of coffee. Yes, things are a little off, but all is good.

New Jersey Bound Noodling

Emily's Big Debut