Reflective Fall Morning

I spent the weekend in Montreal meeting a lot of great people at PodCamp Montreal. If you are curious for more details, I talked about it on yesterday's Managing the Gray. CC Chapman and Mitch Joel Present at PodCamp Montreal

This picture taken by the extremely talented Marko Kulik captures Mitch Joel and I during our session. I love photos that capture the energy of a moment and this one certainly does. He is an amazing photographer and when he told me that I had a lot of influence in getting him started in new media I was stunned. We got to talk a lot about photography, life and other things. He also gave me some great suggestions for how to shoot portraits which is what he likes to focus on.

It was a good weekend away, but I'm glad to be back.

The Advance Guard has some exciting new clients we are working with and we have been taking some time to continue to build our infrastructure and internal processes. As a team grows it is important to fine tune them so that everything continues to run smooth. It is a great feeling and as we approach the end of our first year in business, it is not only a good time to look back, but an even better time to look forward.

Passion is something that should fuel anything you do in life. I had a great talk with Emily about this the other night. Kids are great at boiling things down to utter simplicity in ways that adults tend to forget. That one little talk filled the fires back up. Oh, they were not down and going out, but rather were burning a nice constant burn. But, she fanned the flames in a way I'll never be able to explain to her.

Fall has arrived in Boston and I couldn't be happy. A time of change. Crisp evenings for walking and cold mornings for cuddling. Homemade apple pies and beef stew dinners. I love this time of year.

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