Making My Life Easier - The Griffin Simplifi

With the ever growing number of gadgets that I need to plug into my computer on any given day I hate how my desk is covered with speakers, a mixer, hard drive stack and other various things. Griffin SimplifiSo when I got an e-mail about the new Grifin Simplifi that combines an iPod/iPhone charger with a card reader I was psyched and made it known that I couldn't wait to get one. Well, it just so happens that a good friend of mine Dave is now working at Griffin and saw me talking about this and offered to send me one.

Call it whatever you want, but I thought it was a cool gesture on the part of the company. I liked the product so much that I went out and ordered another one for my other office desk. I also ordered the second one because I got talking with Chris Penn about how he liked his when I saw him with it yesterday at the New Marketing Summit. He raved about it's speed and performance, which I haven't had a chance to fully put to the test.

I wish that Griffin had an affiliate program because I'm sure I could sell a bunch of these, but they don't so just go here and order one for yourself if it sounds good to you. Griffin has started on Twitter as well and they published a promo code of ITWEETGRIFFIN that will give you 20% off any orders till the end of October!

That was a bonus since I found out I had to get a new iTrip since the old one doesn't charge the iPhone. Why in the world not? That pissed me off, but new gadgets (yes, I finally bought an iPhone) sometimes mean new cables, chargers and cases. Grr....

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