Wandering Cohorts Ride Again

C.C., Dan & VaccMy good buddy and long time Cohort Dan Gorgone is moving to Florida on Tuesday. While we don't see each other as often as I'd like while being in the same state, it still feel really weird that he is moving away. I've been very lucky that the majority of my close friends from Bentley never left the area after graduation. I still get together for an 11 B Holiday Party every year with my roommates. I love that we are all in the area and can continue to stay in touch and see each other.

Last night Dan, Vacc and myself hit the Border Cafe in Burlington for some good food, cervezas and a ton of memories. We talked about everything and everyone that our lives have crossed paths with. It was a riot some of the things we looked back on and remembered. Amazing how the brain works. Even more amazing how many times the phrase "well according to _____'s Facebook page they are _______"

After I graduated and moved to Virginia the term Wandering Cohorts came about. We were going to use it as a production company name when we made movies together being in different parts of the country. I don't remember if it ever appeared in any opening credits or not but it is a phrase that we still get a kick out of.

C.C. & Dan

This picture is from the set of Eternal which was a movie I directed and Dan was DP on. It was a beautiful first day of shooting and so many fun memories of that day and that movie. It has been way to long since we were both on a film set and I think last night's nostalgia really fueled that fire. At heart we are both rabid content creators and the medium for that has evolved to include photography, music and podcasts.

I'm sad that this is the last time I'm going to see Dan for a while and that he can't just drop by the house and record another Accident Hash with me. But, I know that miles have never kept us apart in the past and I sure as hell know it isn't going to this time around either.

Going to miss you bro, but can't wait to come and visit!

Stay Frosty.

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