Old School Tunes & Gmail Falling Down?

Last night I found some CDs that I haven't listened to for a long time. I've got one of those old cartridge CD players so I've got cartridges of 6 CDs labeled all sorts of different things and last night I grabbed one from the bottom of the stack labeled "LOUD!!" and looked to see what was in it. Appetite for Destruction, Ten, BloodSugarSexMagik and Stone Temple Pilot's first CD. I'm a happy camper. I instantly ripped them into iTunes and have been rocking out ever since. Dan would be ashamed of me that these were not already on my iPod. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about Gmail. It's been buggy as all hell for the past couple of days. Messages appearing hours late, server errors so I can't reply to messages and over all sluggishness. Then add that my voice mails on my phone seem to notify me only when they feel like it and I'm starting to wonder how many people might be trying to get a hold of me who can't. If your trying. I'm alive....

I like that I'm back into full bore blogging. For a while there I wasn't and I missed it. Of course at that point Laura missed it too. Now, that I'm back she doesn't seem to read any more. Who knows? Again the world keeps spinning and as usually I'm wondering about random things.

I owe conversations to both Mark Forman and Eric Rice. Sorry guys that we haven't touched base. In both cases I LOVE the ideas and want to help make them happen. I know you'll both see this and hopefully we'll actually get to touch base on Skype or in world at some point today. Been a bit hectic and random around here this week. Lots of reasons.

Paradise City just started up. I think the subwoofer is going to scare Roxie in a minute! Man this album brings back so many memories of me and Jason Amato causing trouble! I need to call that boy!

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