Shaking Off Christmas Cobwebs

As I shake off the cobwebs from the computers that I left off during Christmas it left me smiling at the fun week this has been. I was very happy that both my parents and Laura's parents could make it down for part of the holiday. That really adds to it in my book. I love having family around me whenever there is a holiday and Christmas is certainly the best time for that. One Laptop Per ChildThe kids got more then they should have. I actually sat there looking at the wrapping paper carnage and thought to myself that they got too much. With everything going on in the world, they certainly got more then their share of presents and it needs to be dialed back. Lots of little things, but it got to me for some reason. They were very excited to have their own computer now as am I. We put it in the living room so that we can see what they are doing on it. Of course it came with Vista on it so that took me a while to figure it out. Would have been easier if it was a Mac, but that is a whole other long story. *grin* They also had fun playing with my XO laptop as you can see.

The Prime Rib dinner turned out perfect. Well not perfect because the carrots were still a bit crunchy, but everyone ate them. The roast turned out perfect. For my first time I was petrified, but talk about an easy thing to cook and everyone had plenty of it. Hell, we are going to be eating it for a while to come since I messed up and bought way more then I needed to. Seems to be a trend with me when I cook so everyone giggled it off.

Holiday MantleThe kids are home and are currently in the basement playing Emily's new Hannah Montana game for the Wii. It is basically Guitar Hero but with dance moves combined with shopping and other things. She obviously loves it! Of course now I'm singing all the songs in my head. Need to fix that with a big injection of other music on the headphones. I've been playing a bunch of Madden '08 on the PS3 which I've missed since I hate that game on the Wii.

The Advance Guard took a few days off for the holidays. We've earned it, but of course it's back to the grind for a few days before the end of the year. Of course we also have the "fun" that comes with the end of the year and a business. First time going through some of this stuff so it is a learning experience for both Steve and I. We had a really good meeting last week in NYC together where we looked back at where we have been and planned forward for where we wanted to be next year. It was a needed and productive conversation and certainly set the tone for the year ahead. I'm very much looking forward to 2008.

Laura asked me last night what my resolutions for the new year was and my reply was, "I haven't finalized them yet." She got a giggle out of that, but it is the truth. I like to think about them more as goals then anything else. If I can't really obtain them then why even think about them. I want to focus on things and that is what I'm doing. I can't wait.

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