On The Day Before Christmas

It is the morning before Christmas in the Chapman house and that means the kids are off from school and I'm trying to finish up a few tasks I have left before taking some well earned vacation. Holiday MantleThe end of the year always gets me reflective. Yesterday I asked on Twitter what accomplishment people were most proud of and I was happy to see that the majority of them had nothing to do with number of online friends, subscriber numbers or any other measurement of online rockstarness. Instead they were about real life accomplishments. I'm going to be writing up a full blog post about this shortly, but it is fun to see the variety of what is said.

I'm really looking forward to 2009. I talked about it yesterday on Managing the Gray #66 and where I'm going to be focusing my energy. First and foremost is of course on The Advance Guard and the growth of our business with new clients and old.We had a good 2008 and I want to see 2009 to be a year of success and growth.

But, I'm also going to make it a point to focus more on creative content creation and finding ways to merge my photography, audio and video together. I've got a head full of ideas and look forward to working with people to reach those goals.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas (or your other holiday of choice *grin*). I want to get these little things done and then hang with the kids a bit. Garlic horseradish prime rib for dinner tonight. I can't wait!

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