Great Day Letting the Brain Rest

I rarely completely forget about everything and enjoy the day without interruption. I'm always thinking about work in the back of my head or noodling on something. It is just the way I am. But, yesterday we took the kids to Davis Farmland, came home to make a delicious dinner of steak and chicken fajitas and then relaxed on the couch together. As I woke up this morning I realized that I had completely let myself get lost in the day and let the brain shut everything else off. Wow, did that feel good.

Emily, Dylan, Grace & Paige

Seen here are the kids at the end of the day before we came home. We gave some close friends a call to see what they were doing and they were free. It was great to hook up and spend some time with them.

And THEN on top of that as I waited for Dylan to change out of his wet bathing suit, in walks Scott Monty and his son. He was home from Michigan for the weekend and we happened to cross paths. It was great to finally meet his wife and kids and catch up on how things are going for him at Ford. Made me realize how much I miss the guy now that he has left New England. Guess I have to find a reason to go out that way so we can hit some diners there.

Life is full of little happy surprise moments and great fun filled weekends. I can never get enough of either of them.

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