Brain Cycles

I'm very good at multitasking and always have been. But, have you ever had one thing decide that it is going to take control in your mind and not really let anything else get in there? That is exactly what I have felt like for the last couple of months and it is only getting worse over the past couple of weeks. I'm eager to have it pass so that I can push forward with everything else that needs some brain cycles. Had a great weekend even if I did spend almost all day Saturday on the computer working. I took a break to dive into the neighbors pool and clear the head which was a magical couple of minutes. You can see in this photo that Dylan really enjoyed it as well.

Dylan Enjoying the Pool

Yesterday was spent up in New Hampshire spending time with family. It was great to hear some family stories from my Uncle Paul that I had never heard and he and I talked about capturing a lot of the memories in some fashion. He hit a soft spot with me in that since it is something important to me. Yup, another project to work on. Not what I needed at the moment, but again passion drives me and that is something I'm passionate about.

Emily is heading to camp later this week and Dylan is away all next week. Crazy how fast time flies.

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