Let Downs & Enjoying Little Moments

Last night I went to bed frustrated because I had forgotten a commitment and thus let down a friend. I woke up disappointed about it and when you add in the fact that the alarm went off at 3:30 am on top of all this it makes for a crappy shower and first cup of coffee this morning. But, everything is fine and I'm sure I was more hard on myself then anyone else would be on this, but it still bugged me. 7-16-09 Acela Now, I'm on the Acela headed to New Jersey to work with a new client. Anytime my work involves some deep dive creative brainstorming it makes me extra happy and that is what got me distracted last night and what has me awake this morning.

One thing I love about the train ride is how I get to take some time and read, listen or watch content I might otherwise miss. This morning this has yielded a couple of things that has my mind racing, here are those links if you want to check out:

I also had a conversation with a new connection on the other side of the world that started a couple of weeks ago on another train ride. It is always fun when they are going to bed and I'm just starting my day. Extra fun when that involves them sending me links to download some stuff I've been hoping to get finished for longer then I care to remember.

I shared a thought this morning on Twitter that really is true for me. Just sitting looking out the window today I noticed a little park I had never seen before, a cool funky lego like building and another building full of doors. All of them, little experiences that I might never have had if I hadn't slowed down a little, looked away from the screen and enjoyed the moment. I've still got another 90 minutes on the train this morning, so I wonder what other little moments I'll get to enjoy.

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