Keeping it Real With Mitch Joel

Mitch JoelMy good friend and mentor Mitch Joel has an amazing book coming out soon called Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone. I've been lucky to read the book and can honestly tell you that it is a book that is going to be a best seller. Why do I say this? Because it cuts through all the chatter most people are writing books about and dives into what executives and businesses of all sizes need to hear about this space we work and play in and how they can leverage it.

There are real stories and details of how to execute. It is not just a series of blog posts turned into a book and it isn't a how to guide either. It is an informative read that will give you enough to be dangerous and hopefully get your mind going in the right direction.

Today, his team at Twist Image unveiled a new video to help promote the book. I'm hearing there will be other videos as well, but I wanted to show this one because at the heart of it, what is being said about "keeping it real" is important beyond just the book. Watch, think and learn.


Of course I'm biased about the book because he is such a close friend, but if I have any sort of trust from you the reader then you know I wouldn't reccomend it unless I truly believed in it and I do. I've pre-ordered several copies because I'm going to make it required reading for several clients and friends.

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