Don't Make Mitch Joel Cry - Buy His Book

People ask me all the time what books I think they should read to understand this space. Emo Mitch?Up until now I always told them to start with Made to Stick before anything else because I believe it is a must read for anyone even thinking of doing something online in today's world. I'll still push that one to anyone who asks, but I'll also begin adding Six Pixels of Separation to that as well by my good Friend and mentor Mitch Joel.

I'm completely biases of course because Mitch is such a close friend, but I honestly believe it is a solid book from start to finish. It is chock full of good examples that any executive could understand and relate to. It explains the basics of the current online world while bending your brain to think about it all in a much bigger context then you are use to. If you have been looking for a book so that someone you work with will begin to understand the power of social media then this is the book you need to give them.

Plus, if you don't buy a copy you'll force Mitch make this face and no one wants that do they? *laugh*

I joke because I love. I'm damn proud of you Mitch and the great book you've written.

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