The Now Revolution

The Now Revolution

This book review is completely biased and I want you to know that up front. *grin* Amber Naslund is one of my closest friends in the world and Jay Baer is a fellow tequila lover like myself who every time we get together we find more reasons to be friends.

Plus, my book Content Rules has the same editor and publisher as this book.

All that being said, the new book The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social, is a great read that simplifies a lot of the confusion around the social world we live in and how business owners must leverage this space if they hope to survive and thrive in today's world.

I had the chance to read an early copy of the book and have been waiting to review it once it was on shelves, so that you could run right out and buy it immediately.

The Now RevolutionThey lay out seven different ways of thinking that every business owner's mind must shift in order to survive in this new world of tweets, status updates and a consumer base that has every tool of the Internet at their finger tips wherever they are.

What kind of shifts are they talking about? Smart shifts such as making sure you have a work force you can trust and that you are prepared to deal with any crisis in real time.

They spend a good amount of time laying out each of their ideas and backing them up with real world examples. There is no shortage of ammunition given so that when you are done reading the book, you can march into your boss' office and begin telling them how other people are doing it in the hopes that they will begin to change.

While they are not going to teach you how to set up a Twitter account or how to add a Facebook Like button to your page, they are going to give you and your business solid advice on just how different the world is we live in now and how you can do well in it. If you have even one senior member of your company's team who has not embraced the fact that the business landscape has changed to a more social one, then they need to read this book.

I'm still grinning like I was in this photo when I found the book a week early in the store. Sure, I knew Amber would give me a copy, but I wanted to buy a copy to support them and plus then I can give one away.

Want the copy? Let me know in the comments and I'll pick a winner.

No More Pre-Recorded Webinars

No More Pre-Recorded Webinars

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