Awesome Book of Awesome

Awesome Book of Awesome


I've made some damn good friends over the years and one of the most unique is author Scott Stratten. He collects superhero statues, is now covered in tattoos, speaks his mind and is a die hard Detroit Lions fan.

Last year we were kicked back on the patio of his room at the Hotel Valley Ho in Arizona watching Monday night football, drinking mini bar cans of beer when he told me the idea for his new book The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome. I instantly loved it (especially the cover idea), but told him I never thought our publisher would ever go for it.

Thankfully they did and now you can have your own copy!

Scott let me read an advance copy of the book and it was a blast to text message him as I read it. We had a good time going back and forth as I laughed, cheered and screamed at some of the stories.

For those of you who are fans of Scott, sit back and get ready for a secret that I was shocked to discover in the book. Yes, the king of slamming QR codes has decided to include them throughout the book so that he can keep you updated on the latest stories that fit the book's themes. I'm sure that more than one jackass is going to call him out on it.

What makes this book unique is that it is a good old fashion flip book. Read it one way and you get stories of companies being awesome. Flip it over and you can read of those who are unawesome. I'm planning on having fun making sure that both sides are shown whenever I find copies in bookstores.

How can you not love a book that not only have two covers, but even two author photos and bios? Genius idea. Check it out.

But, I don't want you thinking the cover is the only thing that is awesome, because ever page of the book is filled with the straight forward writing I've come to expect from Scott. I promise you'll learn more than one thing reading it.

He pulls no punches as he openly shares stories companies of all sizes that have done it right and done it very wrong. This book is going to instantly become something that every employee should read to make sure that they carry themselves appropriately.

I expected to have heard all of the stories in the book, but was pleasantly surprised to find lots of new ones.

The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome is quite simply an awesome read. You should buy a copy for yourself and at least one other to give to someone who needs it.

If you are going to buy any number of copies this is the week to do so because Scott has all sorts of fun rewards for you. Read all about the rewards and how your library can get a copy of the book for free if you order on immediately.

Mark this one as another awesome book to put on your shelves!


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