Capturing Moments

I took this picture of Dylan yesterday. In one click of the camera I think I completely captured the "true" look of Dylan. No screw ball smile. No being silly. Just being the kid I love.

This is Dylan

Mortality has been on my mind a bunch this past week and I guess that's why I'm getting a bit reflective on every moment I spend with the kids and with my family. No reason for it that I know of, but it's been there in the back of my head. Thinking about things. Wondering about decisions. My mind is always thinking about something and it's been this the past week. I really wish it would switch to a different topic.

I just recorded an Accident Hash. Monday mornings seem to always have that because it's when I get the show done that will go on Sirius next week. Has turned into a little tradition now. I just need to make sure I always do at least another one during the week because I hate it when I only put one out. Bugs me and bugs the listeners.

Laura called last night. They are having a great time in Vegas although she partied a little hard the first night and was paying for it. Hopefully the day relaxing made everything better. Psyched she is out there, but of course will be glad when she's home.

I saw that the interview I did on the Small Business Podcast is up.  I haven't listened yet, but it was great to catch up with Tim and chat about Second Life for a little while. I was a bit distracted during the conversation, but I hope it didn't effect the interview. I'll find out later when I listen to it.

And so starts another morning in the new media playground. Hopefully everyone shares their toys and doesn't throw too many tantrums today.

PodCamp New York

Daddy Taking a Photo