Morning Rambles From the AC'd Office

About a month ago Kathy Maister and I were having a conversation about and cooking in general. Somehow the topic of my Dad making Tuna Fish Pizzas came up and she asked for the recipe. Then over the weekend she sends me a link to this post on her blog that just made me smile. She made them a bit different then we do, but that is the fun of cooking. You can take any recipe and make it your own. Of course now I'm craving these and no one else in the house likes them and Emily ate the last English muffin for breakfast. Perhaps later this week for lunch! Work this week has been a mix of creative brain spinning which is what I love. Some cool new potential clients that we've been doing brainstorming around which is something I've always got into. Throw out every and any idea and see what sticks and what evolves into something else. Yesterday's downpour was inspiration for some new ideas that had nothing to do with rain, but still it inspired me for some reason.

I'm getting excited for this weekend. We are headed up to the White Mountains for a little camping. Quick little getaway to spend some time unplugged and in a tent. I love it. We are going to leave on Friday right after Emily's dance show. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Only technology I'm bringing is my camera and maybe my video camera to do a One Guy's Thoughts in the woods. Who knows.

Still being inspired by On the Luck of Seven and what he is doing. I blogged about it on Managing the Gray yesterday and was glad to see others got jazzed about it as well.

Lots of reading to do today. Just got a new document that I'm beyond excited to read and help make a reality. So for now it's time to go.

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