So, I just published Cast of Dads #10: Kids Online & How To Do It Right. The conversation got started around what age was the right age for kids to get online. As we talked more and more what cracked me up was that the skills, values and common sense that we all agreed have to be taught to kids before they go online really apply to adults as well. You'd think that most adults would dive in with this knowledge but every day we see proof that they don't.

I've got death on my mind this morning. Not in an ominous, oh my god, sort of way, but rather about it as a whole. Mostly due to playing a promo for The Boom Effect at the opening of the show today. Tee is a buddy and the fact that he suddenly has to raise his daughter alone after the sudden death of his wife really hits home. Thinking about what would happen if I died or if Laura did is a pretty scary thing to think about. Not exactly chipper Tuesday morning fare.

My dance card for SXSW is starting to fill up. While there will be tons of packed insane parties, I prefer to opt for the smaller gatherings and I'm happy to say that there are plenty of those this year. Plus, I've got some direct stuff going on with a couple of brands so that makes it extra filled.

Outside of everyone else, I'm extra psyched to have breakfast scheduled with the world famous Chuck South who I haven't seen in years. Those of you still around from the Random Foo days will know that name well. Yeah, he grew up and yes I'm going to order him pancakes even if he doesn't eat them. *grin*

I'm thankful to be surrounded by so many awesome people. Waking up to friends and the conversations we have this morning kicked the day in the right direction.

Rambles? Yup, but that is how I role some days.

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