Miss Mendon Diner

I don't know if you can call me a "foodie" but I am a lover of food. I'm especially fond of the comfort foods that you can find in diners. The sounds, the smells, the people and of course the food all make me smile. If given a choice where to eat for any meal, a diner would win out over a five star restaurant every time. Maybe it has to do with growing up in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, but at my heart I'm a simple food type of guy.

Miss Mendon Diner

Miss Mendon DinerSo last year while driving down the road, I saw an old diner sitting in the middle of a huge parking lot next to a car dealership. When I asked about it I was told that it was an old diner car that had been purchased and moved from Vermont and that it would be opening in the new year.

Fast forward to an article in the local paper announcing that it was open and I had to go. Of course the first night we went it was insanely busy and we were on a time table so we couldn't wait. As with any good diner, you seat yourself and you wait your turn and that night we didn't have the luxury of waiting.

Thankfully when we returned for lunch a few weeks later we DID have the time, but didn't need it as we beat the rush and sat down in a booth right away.

The Miss Mendon Diner is exactly what you'd expect. Little booths, a counter, jukeboxes and the clientele that you always find in a diner.

Miss Mendon DinerOne other thing you need to know about me is that I'm a bit of a fanatic about homemade corned beef hash and if I go to any place that has it on the menu I have to try it. When I show up at a diner and their hash is out of a can I am instantly sad. Thankfully in this case it was highlighted on the menu and I didn't need to look any further. Of course I did look and they have a bunch of diner staples including pot roast, meatloaf and burgers. I can't wait to go back and try them all.

The kids were with us and Dylan got the chocolate chip pancakes. I snuck a bite before he drowned them in maple syrup and I've got to admit that they were awesome.

Emily opted for a bowl of clam chowder. It was the weirdest chowder I've ever seen. Not thick at all and full of veggies. That being said it was tasty and we all enjoyed it. If you are a traditionalist and need it thick and creamy then this is not for you. But, try a cup. You won't be disappointed.

So, how was the hash? While I'm more of a chopped rather then shredded guy when it comes to the corned beef, this was shredded to perfection. Plus, they cooked it right by leaving it on the griddle until a nice crunchy crust formed. The poached eggs that came with it were also perfect. It didn't beat out my favorite at Lou's in Hanover, NH but it certainly is in my top 5. I'm still trying to figure out what the mystery spice that was included. Maybe I'll have to go back a few more times to figure it out!

Miss Mendon Diner - Hash & Eggs

One final tip if you go is don't opt for the biscuits. The bread they use for toast is amazingly thick, yummy and much better then the biscuits I got. Thankfully Laura let me steal a piece of her toast!

We've already talked about going back and I can't wait for it. Awesome to have another great Diner in the area!!

The Miss Mendon Diner can be found at 16 Uxbridge Road in Mendon, MA.


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