I Miss Personal Blogging

I wrote my first blog post on July 2, 2002 after seeing a friend do it for a little while. I loved how it was a peek inside of his brain that I didn't see any other way. As I began writing I found I did the same thing. I'd share my raw emotions in my blog and it felt good. Every day I could see what my friends were thinking about and doing in their lives. I loved it. Emily - Journal WritingI've had to change how I blog a little bit. As more people began reading my ramblings I couldn't be AS honest as I had always been because I realized the reach of a simple post was greater then before so I had to at least think about what I was saying a bit before writing it. Plus, we've all written that blog post that gets taken wrong and then you have a big old mess to clean up.

But, I have to be honest and say that I miss the old style of blogging from the heart rather then blogging for the search engines.

Yes, I understand the power of SEO and I get it. Hell we all write posts that we hope will get attention. But, at the same time I wish some people wrote more top of mind, from the heart types of posts more often. As I went through my morning surf of reading almost all of them had a comment on a new tool, reaction to someone elses blog or a list (since everyone loves lists).

But, out of the 40 or so blogs that I scanned through only 3 of them had anything of a personal, slice of life, type of post.

I have always written about whatever is on my mind. Some days that is fun with the family and other times it is commentary on the new media world I work in. I write what is on my mind and that can be a large variety of things. Sure, that means my blog will never get any sort of ranking, but I'm fine with that. It is the way I approach blogging and it is what works for me.

Am I the only one missing personal blog posts? It never was only about cats. *grin*

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