I Hate

I Hate

Human nature fascinates me. I made a decision months ago to take the day after the election off. No matter who won, I knew that emotions would be raw and I didn't want to be part of any of it.

I chose yesterday morning to post two simple words on my social profiles and then turned away from all live media for the day. Instead I watched movies, spent quiet time in contemplation and played outdoors with my dogs.

It was the best decision I made and this morning as I scrolled through my feeds I hated what I saw.

The simple two word phrase I posted on my Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook was "Hate Won."

For me, it made sense. It didn't have to make sense to anyone else since these were my spaces.

There was an ongoing Clinton campaign slogan of "Love Trumps Hate" and with the results what they were obviously hate had won out. It was as simple as that.

Yesterday as I reflected, thought and planned I realized how much hate I have in my own heart. How much hate plays a role in our country and in the ballot boxes.

Many people's votes were driven by their hate of Hilary Clinton. Didn't matter who they voted for as long as it wasn't for her.

I hate that my vote was one against a candidate. I would have preferred to cast my vote for someone I was genuinely excited about being in the White House.

I hate Donald Trump because of his elitist, racist and demeaning views. The endless list of things he has said and done gives the racists, bigots and hate filled people in our country the green light to continue to do and say what they want and that scares me.

I hate our two party system. It is broken and needs to be fixed.

The Democrats decided that Hilary Clinton was the only choice they wanted in this election and did everything in their power to make it that way.

The Republicans have been imploding for the last eight years and couldn't put up a viable candidate that held their true beliefs.

Both parties have become rotten from years of the same people in power and the constant influx of money into their wallets. We need better and more options in our country. We need youth, diversity and new thinking at all levels of government.

I hate how blindly some people vote along party lines. I've never understood blind allegiance to anything.

I hate that the majority of the media played into the hands of both parties rather than acting like the unbiased journalists they are suppose to be. Most care about ratings over anything else.

I hate that billions of dollars are spent on campaigning. That money could have been used to fix an infinite list of things. There is no reason for campaigns to go on for as long as they do and all it does is divide us further.

I hate that every small business owner and middle class family I know is struggling to deal with the rising costs of the Affordable Care Act. I have yet to talk to any friend who is not seeing the costs go up or being forced to change their doctors.

I hate how many people are calling anyone who voted for Trump racists and bigots. That is not the truth at all.

Yes, a sadly large number of people who voted for him are, but not all of them. Many of them somehow looked past what the man says and believes and voted for a change to a broken system. I could never do that and I don't understand it, but many did.

There are bad apples in every cart, but you can't say they are all bad. I do hope that those that are angered by this exact point will stop and realize that some of them have said the exact same generalizations of other groups of people.

Good, honest, hard working people voted for all candidates. Please don't forget that.

I hate how broken our government is. How stagnant is has become. How little it does for our country lately. We do need change at all levels and I hope that happens.

When I post something online, I choose my words carefully. I don't seek out or look for reactions unless those words end with a question mark.

Good people took those two simple words in so many ways and the way they chose to react was sad.

Less than a handful of friends reached out yesterday directly. To those who did, thank you.

Our great country is broken and divided. There is an endless, ugly soup of hate boiling over on the stove and turning down the heat even a little would help.

Last night after having drinks and heart felt catch up with friends, I walked across the Boston Common where a protest was ending. They were happening all over the country and will continue to happen. No matter who won, I expected them.

I hate that our ever connected world has turned so many into scroll and click zombies compelled to always voice their thoughts rather than ever being silent.

I said "hate won" because that is what I believe. You don't have to agree. You don't have to like it. I'm not looking for anyone's reaction. I need to get words out of my head and these are my outlets.

America is a great country, but the only way it will continue to be so is if we get away from our screens and work together. This isn't the high road, it is the only path that ever leads changes.

You don't have to hug those you hate, but why can't you talk to them outside of a comment stream?

I hate the results of the election, but I respect the Office of the President and plan on doing my part to be an active and engaged citizen to fix what is broken.

I hope you will do the same.

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