The First Rays of Morning

The First Rays of Morning


Yesterday morning, Emily and I woke early to go to the flea market. The news was reporting on a shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, but there were no details yet so we went on our way.

We hit the ATM, grabbed donuts from a local bakery and arrived to discover that the vendors were still setting up. I decided to take a little adventure and drive up the road a ways to the Old Stone Church that I had taken some photos recently with my drone and Emily wanted to explore.

My phone buzzed, but I was ignoring it. We enjoyed the quiet of the morning. Giggled at the baby geese walking by. Laughed at the pigeon we upset by entering the old church.

We each found a memory rock, took photos and then headed back to the flea market.

That is when I checked my phone and the horrible news began to unfold.

Another week in America and another mass shooting. Now, I know it is the deadliest one so far.

Details were still not known and I remember thinking how common this has become. How the minute you walk outside your door you don't know if you'll ever return.

Between people looking to do harm with guns, people caring more about their phones than the road and the randomness of life itself we need to take every day as a gift that none of us are promised.

There is evil in the world and it must be dealt with.

There are laws that need to be changed to protect the greater good.

We need to admit that for too long we've ignored issues that are plaguing our world and hoping they wouldn't come to our doorsteps.

But, we also have the ability to insure that we take full advantage of the time we do have.

I'm glad I was oblivious to the horrible events for a few hours yesterday. While many people were sleeping, my daughter and I enjoyed the life we have.

I'm angry and sad. This toxic cocktail of emotions is one that we are having served to us far too often for my likes.

So today as you go about your day, make sure you hug those you love, say hi to those around you and do something with your time.

We never know if tomorrow's first rays of the morning will be seen or not. It isn't a decision we get to make.

SO much needs to change and we each have to do our part to make it happen. We also need to make sure we live our lives. Help our children live theirs.

My heart weeps for those effected by the despicable violence in Orlando and my blood boils with a yearn to punish all those who are currently planning similar events.

I don't know if love beats out hate. I do know that prayers do nothing unless backed up with actions.

My children just left for school. The sad reality is that for the briefest of moments I worry almost every single day.

That isn't how to live life and I know it. It is why I push the worries to the back of my mind, determined to not let it pull me down in a quagmire of doubts and concern.

I saw the morning's first rays and I'm determined to make today count.

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