Raise The Alarm for Minute Man National Historical Park

Growing up in The United States, every child learns about the start of our country and the Revolutionary War. Growing up in New England, we learn about it on a whole new level since it happened in our backyard.

Minute Man National Historical Park is home to where some of the first shots of the American Revolution were fired.

Today it is a beautiful place to walk your dog, go for a jog or learn more about our history.

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They are the only New England park in the running to receive funding as part of the Vote Your Park campaign.

In honor of the National Park Service’s Centennial, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has joined with National Geographic and American Express for Partners in Preservation: National Parks to award $2 million in grants—as decided by your votes—to historic sites at our beloved national parks.

Vote Your Park

Minute Man will use the funds to clean up an old battlefield and establish a new educational center in an old barn.

The money will be used to insure that generations to come can see and learn about what happened on these fields.


I've been working with them a bit to get their social media efforts going and check out these videos they had made before I got involved.

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Voting goes through July 5th and you can vote once every twenty four hours.

Raise the alarm and encourage all of your friends to Vote Minute Man!

Minute Man Needs You