A Visual Postcard From Echo Valley

Ever since the team at Horizon Hobby gave me a Chroma 4k Drone to try out and review I've been eager to take it to one place in the world. That place is Echo Valley in the hills of Vermont.

I've written about this magical spot before for one night escapes and Chapman family celebrations.

So when Clarence I began planning a little time off the grid together, I knew where we were headed and I knew what I'd be doing.

You've got to understand that my Grandfather was a pilot and loved photography. He built model airplanes and had a passion for creating. He would have loved to have access to the technology I get to create with today.

So many people in my family have grown up loving Echo Valley and I wanted to provide them with a view of it that they had never seen and that would make my Grandfather proud.

Watch it and let me know what you think.

As I edited this video together, Moby released his latest album Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep and gave it away to anyone who wanted to use it in their non-commercial projects. I jumped at the chance to legally use one of his tunes and the music set the perfect tone for what I was going for.

Be sure to choose the highest resolution your computer can handle, turn up the volume and maximize the video.

I promise it'll be six minutes of laid back beauty. At least that is what I was trying to create.

Drone photography and videography is something I plan on doing more of in the coming months. Recently I was hired to shoot behind the scenes footage for a special web series and I hope to get more work soon.