Escaping to Echo Valley

Escaping to Echo Valley

Echo ValleyOver coffee yesterday at Flour Bakery and Cafe, I was discussing camping with Mitch Joel. Mitch is a dear friend, but spending time in the great outdoors is not his idea of a great time.

For me, I'm excited as I pack up my kit bag and get ready for a night in Echo Valley.

One night isn't a long time to get away from it all, but it is better than none.

The kids have been with my parents for a week and they are meeting us there.

Tonight there will be red meat cooked over an open fire and bourbon under the summer stars. That sounds pretty darn close to perfect to me.

Nearest cell phone service is miles away and the only screens in use will be the ones keeping the bugs away.

I'm off to Vermont, so if you need me, you'll have to find me.

Have a great weekend.