One Night Escape to Vermont

Echo Valley Campfire Echo Valley is a quiet spot in Vermont that our family likes to escape to. We don't get to go there as often as we'd like, so even a single overnight is special to us.

Morning Fog

The car was packed, the dogs were ready to go and at the other end of our drive we'd find my parents and our children.

Abe is Excited as We Arrive

Look into my eyes


There was a water bottle full of rye and a cooler keeping steak tips cold.

I'd end up leaving my camera out over night and woke to find it soaked with a heavy morning dew. Thankfully, it kept on shooting and it gave me another reason to like it.

An early morning walk gave me ample time to test out the Slide from Peak Design and it lived up to my expectations. I may only have a beta test unit, but I love it.

Waking Up in Echo Valley Makes Me Happy

Camp for Sale

The one photo I'm glad I didn't take on our adventure was of the For Sale sign posted in front of the cabin that is for sale down the road from my parents property. I'm tempted enough by it's solitude that I don't want the seller's number.

We also set up my Kammock Roo to show it to my dad. As you can see the kids loved kicking back in it and I sense we may be buying a few more in the future.

Trying out the Kammock

Trying out the Kammock

It was only a single night, but that is better than nothing and any time spent where cell phones don't work is good times for me.