Make the Most of Today

Make the Most of Today


pathoflife-cc-chapman The first week of a new month.

Simply another series of days on the calendar of our lives.

How are you going to use them to your advantage? What will you do to fill the hours of the day so that as you lay your head down at the end you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?

We lay our heads down at night not knowing if we will raise them in the morning. While most of us don't give this truth a second thought as we tuck ourselves in and fade off into the sweetness of sleep, it is a reality that we all face.

"Any day you are not sick is a good day," a shaman from the Crow Nation once told me.

His simple approach to life as he neared the end of his own was a reminder we should all keep close at hand whenever a bad day seems to be afoot.

Too many people complain about the day of the week, share their contempt towards others who have what they want or never do enough to make their own lives what they wish it could be.

Can you imagine the good that would occur if a slice of the energy people used in a negative fashion was flipped towards more positive uses?

No matter how bad you might have it, there is someone worse off than you are. Some have a child that is sick. Some don't have enough clothes or food to get through the day. Some didn't wake up to see this day.

Make the most of the time you are given. Don't waste a moment of it.

Find your path and keep walking down it. Every path has forks, detours, bumps and obstacles you'll have to decide about. After all, a path isn't a highway.

Make the most of today.

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